Dr. Helen Bonny discovered our program back in 2004.  We had no idea how great this woman was. (Goggle Dr. Helen Bonny) All we knew is that she loved to play the violin and wanted to help tutor some of the children.  Although she worked with many of our young musicians, she primarily focused on helping our oldest violinst, Sukesha Crosdale, refine her skills.  


It just so happened that Sukesha was home for a break from college and had just selected her new violin.  The violin was a gift from the youth orchestra giving special concerts to raise money for the instrument, and supplemented by several very special contributors to help make the violin for her college years a reality.  On the day of this visit with Dr. Bonny, we decided to visit her and ask her opinion of the quality of the instrument.  Wthe knew Dr. Bonny had not played her instrument for many years. However, we thought she might enjoy giving us her opinion.  To our surprise, she sat up straignt and begin playing Sukesha's instrument. 


Her granddaughter, Sukesha and I (Crystal Bujol) literally melted to her enthralling music.  The music from her heart poured out through that violin as if it were the music of the heavenly hosts.  Folks came out of their rooms to stand in or near the doorway of Dr. Bonny's room to listen to her final performance.  Dr. Bonny was and is still much loved by all the students she helped those few years ago!  


The photos below are from our last visit with Dr. Bonny a week before she passed.

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